Mixed Nuts Pesto Pasta

Mixed Nuts Pesto Taste, Health, Diet, Allergies....too many to think about before you start cooking, innit? As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I always try and cook something healthy without compromising the taste...well, I try ūüėČ Mixed Nuts Pesto Pasta is one of those tries ūüėč  I felt wholesomeness when I had pasta with … Continue reading Mixed Nuts Pesto Pasta

Protein rich Lentil Risotto 

Of all cuisines, I believe, Italian food is most loved by billions from around the world, and I am no different either. Every time I think of a proper dinner, the first thing that crosses my mind is 'Italian'. In my opinion, Risotto is the best of the lot just because of its base ingredient … Continue reading Protein rich Lentil Risotto¬†

Classic Veg Lasagna 

wondering what it's like to eat spicy cheesy Lasagna? It's sort of like stuffing a nectar in your mouth - over the top delicious and insanely good. Come on, Let's jazz it up with your own choice of seasonings. Serves: 6-7 Ingredients: 2 tbsp Olive oil 6 Dried Lasagna Sheets 1 tbsp salt 400g Tomato … Continue reading Classic Veg Lasagna¬†